Lessons Learned From My First Kickstarter

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I ran a Kickstarter, last July, for my board game: Bushido Breaker. This was a bit of a fool's endeavor, given the fact that I allotted myself approximately six months from the start of designing my first ever board game - to researching and starting the Kickstarter. The most beneficial part of my research was finding what so many other Kickstarters had done wrong. That being said, I could have done a few things better...

On the business side of things:

  • I should have made a separate bank account for all expenses and income associated with the game.
  • I should have also had one credit card to go through, as it pertained to expenses.

Game development:

  • There should have been more blind play testing, and I would have found some of the "once in a blue moon" things that could happen when playing. Instead, it was after the fulfilling all the backer copies that I discovered some of these things.
  • This leads me to the rule book, that not only missed a couple odd circumstances, but lacked clarity and organization. Next time, I should be willing to shell out the extra dough for a professional editor/writer.


  • Never use Fiverr to hire people for social media marketing. Sure, it didn't cost much and it got the word out. The issue is that it doesn't target anything specific and it isn't a conversation as much as it is a company talking at potential buyers.
  • For my next campaign, I'll use Facebook ads more. They are great for targeting specific demographics and aren't very costly.

That being said, it's nice to see people actually liked my game and that it actually got to most backers in time. I hope this helps for people thinking of running a Kickstarter, especially the board game designers out there.

For those of you who did so, thanks for reading my very first Blog. My plan is to deliver one once per week. I want to help other designers out there, whether they're freelance graphic designers, board game designers, or people thinking about jumping into the design world.

Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.