Why Being A Good UX Designer Means Being A Good Person

I believe UX design is one of the only career paths that absolutely require you to empathize with others: “others” a meaning people from all sorts of backgrounds. You are constantly trying to understand other people, which means you have to empathize with them, which in turn means you come to genuinely resonate with them and only want the best for them. This is what I believe helps shape a “good person”.

There are lots of other career paths that one can be highly skilled at without being good person. An accountant’s first priority is to be good at accounting (disclaimer: every accountant I’ve met is a very nice person), which does not need to involve empathy. Or even the President of the United States - never mind - I’m not touching that one.

Empathizing with all different types of users and clients makes a skilled UX designer, because our job is to create a product that meets user (whatever the audience may be) needs and client goals. To do this requires constantly making our best effort to “step into another’s shoes”. This is why empathy to be the most important aspect for a good UX designer and thus being a good person. Anything else you’d like to add? Please let me know in the comments section below!