Randomness (or Lack Thereof) in Board Games

At least one small element of randomness exists within almost all board games' mechanics. Some are more random than others, and the balance of strategy/tactics versus randomness is in the back of every board game designer's mind. There are pluses and minuses to having more or less randomness in a board game… 

Bad Art in Good Board Games

Bad Art in Good Board Games

I think I side with most board gamers when saying that the mechanics and the theme are the two most important parts of any board game. That being said, why are there still good great games that still have such poor graphic design and/or illustration? The game I'm going to talk about, in particular, is Terraforming Mars. 

Designer Integrity

As designers, we’ve all done jobs we didn’t like; whether it be setting up files to be printed on stickers (that was me), design tee shirts by smashing together our company’s already supplied vector files (also me), or help a company make prettier Power Point templates (you guessed it: me once again). In the beginning, most graphic designers must “bite the bullet” in the hopes of someday getting to a point where they can be choosy with their projects. I think I have made it to this point, which leads me to the subject of Designer Integrity...