My design interests lie in three main areas:

ux design

UX DEsign

Wearing many hats: from research and synthesis, to learning the users' pain points and designing a product that solves them.

user interface design

UI Design

Designing a product that is not only intuitive to use, but is visually delightful.

information architecture

Information Architecture

 Analyzing, synthesizing, and organizing information in the most practical manner.

“Zach has done an excellent job with his internship at HomeAdvisor, handling a complicated, ongoing project with scores of stakeholders alongside smaller initiatives.”

- Noah Ward, Lead UX Designer

“Working with you guys has been a great experience and was all no bullshit; to the point. I really appreciate that as a CEO, I never have enough time.”

- Erik Carver, CEO at StandLogix

Helping climbers without overwhelming them.


On spec collaborative design for a mobile application; built to assist all types of climbers within the Colorado region. The app would be provided by REI, with a subtle business motive of bringing potential buyers to their store. The main goal was to create an app that had all features climbers need, but without designing a confusing interface or overwhelming with too many features.


A big store in need of a bigger online presence.


I was tasked with designing an online store for It’s Your Move; a local board game store, based in Denver. Their current online presence not only lacked brand identity, but in utility for users and an ecommerce platform as well. When looking into board game ecommerce - as a whole - I found a lack of organization, intuitiveness for the users, and any sort of design consistencies. 


"I was amazed at how much fun I had with this game. I was pleasantly surprised by how simple it seemed but how much depth it actually had." 

- Kas, The Dice Odyssey